Concrete plant VIKTOR



We are producing concrete mixing plants on order. By us you get mini concrete mixing plants for small producers of concrete or big concrete plants for demanding and large projects. Our concrete mixing plants have been proved as very reliable, made very massively for the largest challenges. Concrete mixing plants are conceived modularly and are mobile type.  Because we are smaller company, we can adapt our selves to the buyer at design of a manufacturing plant better. Concrete mixing plant in basics is made from containers for sand, of conveyor belt with scales,  skip  ( box that transport send from conveyer to the mixer), silos, screw conveyers for cement, aditives and commanding room. Send us your tloris, the capacity that you want and we will prepare the project for you.

Our concrete mixing plants are very user friendy, which means, that we are devoting extraordinary care to healthy and kind working environment. We are improving our products continuously and we know how to listen to clients. We try to reduce dust to minimum  with  impermeable  covers  and systems  for  dedusting and  filtering  at  our  concrete mixing plants. Our products have manysoftware safety catches at alone production procedure, that enable to, that doesn’t come to strojelomov and of injuries of employees.

We are reaching in cooperation with in-country programmers, that we are step before competition which birds of software, capacities of analone concrete mixing plant and user-friendly supervisory system.

All our elements on concrete mixing plants from smallest to largest are of heavy and professional realisations, that are making  possible for users,  that  our products use 24/7 during all year.

Buyers of our products have very up-to-date and professional service, that is making possible for our clients that they can focus 100 % on their buissnes.

We provide also all necessary laboratorial equipment for you, beside concrete mixing plants, we equip the concrete mixing plant for  perfect  activity  at  winter  circumstances. We optimise recepture of concrete at large projects and give you know-how for receptures date you can safe money at your project.

Advantage of concrete mixing plants VIKTOR:

  • Large capacity
  • Large reliability
  • User-friendy
  • Small costs on cubic meter of produced concrete
  • Extraordinarily advanced technological solutions
  • Easy to maintenace